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Propiedad y Derechos

Veredgo.es, the trademarks and models contained within are the property of Vered
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Nothing contained in Veredgo.es should be construed as granting any license and/or
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of whatever kind, of those rights, by their owners.

The use of any trademarks and/or other propriety rights, contained in Veredgo.es on
any other web site and/or in any other environment of networked computers is strictly
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otherwise in violation of any law domestic or foreign.

Illegal and/or unauthorized use of Veredgo.es and/or of the information contained
in Veredgo.es shall constitute a breach of copyrights and/or trademarks and/or other
intellectual properties and a violation of propriety laws.

The user hereby declares that he knows that Veredgo.es and all the information
and/or data contained within, as well as the form and design of Veredgo.es are the
exclusive property of Vered Hasharon and in the case of third parties advertisements
the property of those other third parties.

Vered Hasharon and any third party advertising in Veredgo.es make no warranty of
whatever sort or kind in regard to Veredgo.es and the services and products
advertised in Veredgo.es all of which are provided on an “as is” basis. Vered
Hasharon and any third party providers and/or distributors, do not warrant the
accuracy and/or completeness and/or reliability of any of the content and/or
information and/or data contained in Veredgo.es and expressly disclaim, to the
fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, all warranties and conditions, including
implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular
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and/or from a course of dealing and/or usage of trades.

Veredgo.es also includes information over which Vered Hasharon has no
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information, and will not bear any liability for any mistake and/or deceit and/or
discrepancy and/or missing information included therein.


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